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LA-PEDS Network

Are you eligible to join?

You are a professional specializing in pediatric and adolescent care.

You are a mental health, medical, legal, and/or educational professional.

You practice within Los Angeles County.

You are eager to join a supportive and vibrant community of local interdisciplinary pediatric providers to expand your professional network and meet like-minded professionals!

About LA-PEDS Network

LA-PEDS Network serves as a platform for interdisciplinary professionals specializing in pediatric and adolescent care to enhance their professional network. Our platform facilitates consultation, connection, knowledge-exchange, collaboration, and referrals among like-minded professionals.


Whether you're a mental health specialist, medical practitioner, legal professional, or educator, LA-PEDS is dedicated to enhancing the professional connections between interdisciplinary professionals and supporting you in building a stronger professional presence.

The collective expertise of the interdisciplinary community enriches your ability to address diverse challenges and deliver optimal outcomes for those under your care.

Where excellence meets community

Join LA-PEDS Network

Become a part of this dynamic network of dedicated professionals who share a common commitment to delivering exceptional care to their patients, clients, students, and their families.

Sign-Up Options

Sign-Up Options

Enjoy a 10% Discount!

Premium Membership


Unlock the full potential of collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing with interdisciplinary pediatric/adolescent professionals.

Join Mailing List

Stay informed with exclusive updates and event invitations from LA-PEDS. Learn about upcoming events and new member additions.

Premium Benefits

Premium Membership Benefits

Access LA-PEDS Email Listserves


Access Virtual Networking Meetings and Professional Development Talks


Access LA-PEDS Member Directory


Increased opportunities to consult, collaborate, and network with like-minded professionals


Access In-Person LA-PEDS Networking Events


Enhance your professional presence and visibility by having your work featured to professionals in the community


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