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Neuropsychological Assessment and Therapy for Children and Adults

We help you learn what your brain is good at and in what ways and areas it needs support

Your journey to wellness starts here

At The Neuro Scene, we specialize in comprehensive neuropsychological assessment, treatment, coordination of care, and therapy for children and adults.

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We help children and adults who experience medical and psychological conditions, including ADHD, academic difficulties, learning disabilities, concussion, anxiety, and depression


A neuropsychological assessment will help you understand how your brain works and learns best. It also helps identify how a neurological or psychological condition affects your cognitive functioning, behavior, emotions, and everyday functioning. We conduct evaluations for the following concerns, among others.

  • Academic & Learning Difficulties

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety and Emotional Challenges

  • Dyslexia

  • Intellectual Disability

  • IEP/504 Plan

  • Specific Learning Disorder

  • Testing Accommodations (e.g., SAT, GRE, LSAT...)

  • And More

Dr. Halavi helps children and adults cope through difficult emotions and life changes. She explores the many facets of her client's life while valuing individual differences and cultural factors. Dr. Halavi provides therapy for the following concerns, among others.

  • Anxiety

  • Boundary-setting

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Life changes

  • Self-care

  • Stress


Professional Networks

Pediatric mental health, medical, and educational professionals, expand your professional network by connecting with a diverse community of pediatric and adolescent experts within LA County, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and support.

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Neuropsychologists and licensed testing psychologists, engage in virtual peer consultation meetings with fellow neuropsychology professional from all over the world.

What Clients Say

Dr. Halavi was thoughtful and warm in how she interacted with our tween daughter. We came to her for a re-evaluation of an initial diagnosis. Her work and explanations were thorough. Our child is quite picky about who she trusts and she liked Dr. Halavi very much. We live quite far so it was a comittment for us to drive back and for several times. If we lived closer we would likely continue on with Dr. Halavi for therapy for our child. Grateful for her evaluation and the time she took with us.

My close friend recommended me Dr. Halavi. I reached out to her during the most difficult time in my life and after I realized that my former therapists' approaches weren't right for me. We have worked together for several months since and she gave me what I felt was the right support in making the most difficult life decisions and now I feel very happy and optimistic about my life.

The assessment that Dr. Halavi provided was comprehensive and uniquely customized to my particular case. Her professionalism and care are commendable and invaluable.

Dr Halavi was amazing. She went above and beyond to accommodate my moms disabilities for her appointment. Dr Halavi was patient and showed much empathy. The extra work she did that was not even her responsibility, did not go unnoticed by me OR the other Doctors involved. We truly appreciate her.

Dr. Halavi was prompt to schedule my father for assessment, bringing comfort to our family. Her evaluation was thorough, professional, and yielded helpful information for us going forward. She provided helpful suggestions and feedback to our family. I would highly recommend her as a neuropsychologist and am grateful that she was available to do the assessment.

Having no prior experience in neuropsychological examinations, I found Dr. Halavi to be informative, devoted, genuinely interested, rigorous and very patient.

Truly an amazing professional. My daughter was struck with a random life-changing genetic disease that had ramifications on her cognitive skills. During our initial assessment, Dr. Halavi was very honest and upfront about her process, costs, and her overview. I truly have to say I was impressed by her professionalism, level of care, and honesty. She is not about getting your money and make a profit out of you and your loved ones, but about taking the needs of her patients. I highly recommend her. Her services are worth every dollar.

I came to Dr. Halavi with specific concerns about my cognitive capacity. From our initial consultation she was caring and naturally managed to earn my trust.

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