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About Shina Halavi, PhD

Meet Dr. Shina Halavi, a Neuropsychologist, UCLA Clinical Instructor, and founder of The Neuro Scene. She assesses and provides therapy to children, adolescents, and adults and coordinates their care. Dr. Halavi specializes in assessing individuals facing academic, cognitive, emotional, and medical challenges.

Guided by her belief in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, Dr. Halavi has founded dynamic professional networks aimed at fostering collaboration amongst interdisciplinary professionals. These networks offer a valuable platform and community for professionals to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange insights, enhancing the quality of care provided to their patients and students. 

With a background in the scientific study of the brain and behavior, Dr. Halavi's doctoral training at UCLA and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) included leading treatment programs for children with mental health and medical challenges. She actively collaborated in medication management clinics, working within interdisciplinary teams of medical and mental health professionals.

Passionate about her clients, Dr. Halavi advocates for their well-being and employs an integrative and comprehensive approach to care. She collaborates closely with healthcare providers to guide treatment and ensure continuity of care. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Halavi enjoys quality time with her family and friends and pursuing her hobbies like tennis and painting. Additionally, she is a published author of the children's book, Little Sister.

Shina Halavi, Ph.D. - The Neuro Scene | Neuropsychologist | Neuropsychological Assessment & Therapy

Dr. Halavi has a unique ability to bond with her clients and their family

She has been told by her clients that she has a very calming essence and approachable manner, allowing her clients to feel comfortable in the room.


Dr. Halavi received her Ph.D. and Master's degrees in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Clinical Neuropsychology from Loma Linda University. She completed a two-year Neuropsychology Fellowship in private practice, an APA-accredited Doctoral Internship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), as well as extensive doctoral training at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), including UCLA Medical Psychology Assessment Center (MPAC) Pediatric Program. Dr. Halavi received her Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from UCLA.​

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