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A Look Back: Past Featured Speakers


Nina Shapiro, MD - Pediatric ENT


Medical Myths Targeted at Children

This talk covers prenatal myths to teen scams and is geared towards pediatric professionals, parents, and curious minds alike! How are we supposed to make informed healthcare decisions when we are constantly inundated with health information from media, friends, and healthcare professionals? Join us as Harvard-trained, Pediatric ENT Specialist, Nina Shapiro, MD, addresses common medical myths targeted at children and helps guide us to make more thoughtful healthcare decisions on what’s best for you, your family, and your patients.

LA-PEDS Featured Speaker - Medical Myths Targeted at ChildrenNina Shapiro, MD
00:00 / 49:31

Naomi Matanick - Pediatric OT

Interoception: A Guide to Our Body's 8th Sense

What is sensory integration? It’s a big word for explaining what you and I experience every day. Sensory integration is the way in which our senses receive and process the people and places around us. Did you know our body has an internal sense? It’s called interoception. It plays a big role in helping us to feel grounded, present, and ready to show up in the world.

LA-PEDS Featured Speaker - Interoception: A Guide to Our Body's 8th SenseNaomi Matanick
00:00 / 40:17
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